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Dear Friends,

Some eminent Scientists & Engineers in India had been extremely apprehensive of the likely deterioration in the Air Quality in India way back in 1976, they set up body of a few concerned professionals at BHU – Varanasi & named it as India Association for Air Pollution Control.


This body shifted its HQ at Delhi in 1981 & under the dynamic leadership of Prof. J.M. Dave, G.D. Agarwal, H.B. Mathur& V.S. More to play a more active role to advise the Govt. on important issue of Air Pollution Monitoring, Control & Management. It remained very active till 1990.


From 1990-2000, its activities became somewhat dormant and its HQ’s also got shifted to Baroda under the leadership of Prof. S.J. Bedi, Prof. Bhavnani& others at Deptt. of Botany, M.S. University, Baroda. However, Association remained inactive.


An attempt was made in 2000 to revive its activities by S.K. Gupta, B.Sengupta& Dr. S.P. Singal under the leadership of Prof. J.M. Dave & a Delhi Chapter was started. The Delhi chapter has been working actively since thenJournal of the IAAPC is being published twice in a year. A website of the Association and an active platform has been created where regular interaction on important issues related to Air Pollution Control takes place. The deliberation organized at Ludhiana & Roorkee by IAAPC- Delhi Chapter helped in notifying policy.Policy to arrest pollution from burning of Agricultural residues & revision of Ambient Air Quality Standards Another important activity initiated by the Association has been to observe the foundation day of CPCB by organizing an Annual Lecture in memory of its Founder Chairman (Late) Prof. NilayChaudhury.Some Eminent persons like Prof. J.M. Dave, Dr. Arceewala, Dr. Rashid Siddiqui, RaginiBehnPrem ,SunitaNarain , SubirRaha, Magsaysay Awardee Rajinder Singh , Paritosh Tyagi, Prof. Vinod Tare , Dr. AmitaAthavale have delivered these lectures.


IAAPC has also recognized & appreciated the contribution made by many Environmental Scientists & Engineers working in their respective areas&honored them in their conferences.


The Current Executive Committee of IAAPC- Delhi Chapter under the leadership of Dr. B. Sengupta – an Eminent Scientist & Former Member Secretary- CPCB is deeply concerned with the adverse impact on Human Health due to rapidly deteriorating Air Quality- which has been triggered by fast pace of economic development . The levels of critical pollutants are on the rise & new toxic pollutants are emerging. On one hand, there is strong need to create awareness in the community about the hazards of these pollutants & on the other hand, there is need to take harsh policy decision to curb sources of these pollutants.


Please come forward and join in efforts of IAAPC to protect & improve the Air Quality in India.


S.K. Gupta

Hony. Secretary- IAAPC Delhi Chapter


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